Sharkoon X-Tatic 5.1 Gaming Headphones

Oh! look what Mr DHL just dropped in my office! More insight to come in due course as I check these beasties out tonight! First impressions are favourable, let’s see how they perform in reality though!

Well I hooked up the headphones and I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed.

Aside from the uncomfy ear cushion pieces I disliked the bass/vibration. The headphones need bass badly but when you turn them up you then get the vibration effect and it is extremely disconcerting and not at all pleasant for extended play I’m afraid.

BUT:  The major issue I have is exactly the same one as is posted in this blog and has been reported by Scottish Gear who bought them as well. When using the microphone my controller intermittently disconnects leaving you stood in the middle of a map victim to any locust who happens to have a chainsaw.

Back to suppliers for a refund. Definitely ‘Not fit for intended purpose’  Some day soon someone will provide a set of wireless 5.1 surroound headphones with integrated microphone, when that day arrives I’ll be all over them like a rash!