Call of Duty 3 Game Review

If you like your statistics then Treyarch have delivered this time around by including a wealth of numbers which relate to your individual character.

You can choose from seven differing classes of soldier to play as and each of these has their own weapon kit and abilities which can be called upon in the heat of battle. If you fancy your chances as a medical man then grab a shotgun and a syringe of magic elixir and head out onto the map! If assault weapons are your choice then select accordingly and you will also receive the additional ability to place strategic anti-personnel mines on your travels. Each class of soldier is equipped with a special ability and as the game progresses you are promoted in rank accordingly and receive a greater load-out of ordnance or improvements to your abilities. The snipers amongst you can now also decide to call for air-strikes at critical moments which can prove devastating for the enemy forces.

All is not quite rosy upon the battlefield though. At present there are ongoing issues with the joining of ranked games and the now ubiquitous patch will no doubt be appearing before too long. If you are not concerned about those ranked achievements though the best fun will still be had without any such fuss in your own private matches. I was about to say private lobbies, but this is something of a moot point. In their wisdom Treyarch have seen fit to remove the lobby style game play and opt instead for a countdown timer system which automatically starts the games running. Whilst perhaps useful in getting the public matches going quickly, gone now is the ability to offer up witty repartee to your fellow players post-match about how you took them out with an embarrassingly accurate random grenade or melee as you simply don’t have the time any more. I personally feel this is one area where Treyarch didn’t fully appreciate the camaraderie that exists in COD 2 and the many subsequently forged friendships made within those pre and post-match lobbies.

The great weapons debate will seemingly rage forever online but in this instance there does seem to be some validity to the arguments. The once all owning Kar98k has now been de-rated to the power of a spud gun and likewise the German machine guns do not seem as efficient killing machines as they once did. This has been coupled with an increase in destructive force for that old favourite the M1 Garand along with a boost in power to the BAR that means more and more people rush to play Allies often leaving the Germans seriously understaffed in games I have entered. If you can bypass this though online play is generally fast and furious and even in full 24 player rooms I have yet to experience any major lag.

Inevitably it was going to prove tough making seemingly radical changes to a well played and loved format and Treyarch should be applauded for taking the harder route and stamping their name upon the results. Some people will take to the style of game play without hesitation whilst others will not. You really can’t please all the people all of the time. For me though the lack of my favourite search and destroy game type and the loss of true intimate strategic play is likely to send me back to Carentan with my pistol and piano, perhaps I might still see some of you there?


Single Player : 22 (Solid single player experience)
Graphics : 22 (A notch up from previous installments)
Sound : 25 (Superb effects & battle chatter)
Live Implementation : 20 (A whole new ball game, technically good but it’s a love/hate decision)

Overall Rating 89%


It was always going to be a difficult task for Treyarch to please everyone with this highly anticipated sequel. Although it may have succeeded in many respects, not everyone will be quite as impressed this time around I feel. It remains to be seen if this version of the series will stand the test of time online as well as its predecessor has and probably will continue to do so in spite of this new release. Technically an accomplished game but long term its prospects may diminish.